Workshop with Judith K. Moore and Herbert van Erkelens:

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: a Mystical Experience, Guided by Thoth


Plaats                         Soefi-huis, Burgwal 38 zw – 40, 2011 BE Haarlem

Tijd                             9 september van 11.00 tot 16.00 uur. Deur open vanaf 10.30 uur.

Bijdrage                     € 55,-

Aanmelden                bij herbertvanerkelens (at) gmail.com of 023 – 5331088


Judith: Thoth is weaving a mantle of golden light from the Emerald Tablet. It is the fabric of the New Reality.  It has not yet entered physical manifestation and is being formed of light in the master plane. The mantle of light will illuminate the fabric of reality flowing with the harmonics of the Golden Genesis, through the quantum mechanics of timespace. All that is woven in Creation shall manifest on the material plane  We are the vessels of light that shall receive this pure alchemy and bring it into manifestation.


Thoth is an Omni Essence of a force of creation, the Great Wisdom and Master of Time.  He is an intelligent force of the consciousness of Universal Oneness who manifests in the persona of Thoth and also as Hermes. Thoth is humanity’s link to the greater reality. There is a great order to this plan in Creation. It transcends all-knowing and is beyond the comprehension of the human mind and, thus, it can only be understood through the heart and the soul. The only way to understand this is to know that the universe was created by this force, and it is by the power and the Will of Creation that Earth shall ascend and not be destroyed.


The Earth shall pass through the narrow gate, in a passage of both quantum time and spherical timespace that cannot be defined by linear reality, and yet there must be an opening in the material plane that brings this light to the world. We will open the Mantle of Golden Light woven by Thoth and receive it through our mind, body and soul as a conscious vibration of love that manifests in the material reality through our consciousness.


Herbert: Judith and I will combine the power of alchemy with the power of the message by Thoth to weave a truly enlightening experience for all who make the journey with them across the Rainbow Bridge beyond linear reality. Non-linear reality is accessible through the right brain and the heart. It requires above all faith. Thoth has said: ‘Know that that which was promised has now begun. The miracle for the ascension of the Mother planet and the preservation of life on this Earth is, by divine manifestation, from the holy source of all light.’ (Translation: Het weefsel van de nieuwe realiteit)


A Temple of Peace. Crop formation nr Nether Wallop, July 6, 2010.

Source: Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group.


Thoth also remarked: ‘The mantle of light will illuminate the fabric of reality in the material plane, flowing with the harmonics of the Golden Genesis, through the quantum mechanics of timespace.’ What is the Golden Genesis? It is a time of primordial creation charaterized by divine synchronicity. The Elohim of Peace remarked about it seven years ago:


‘Humanity has an opportunity as never before to establish a new rhythm, a rhythm of harmony and balance.  Each individual has the enhanced capacity to observe the power of their thoughts, the result of their actions, and the true meaning of their existence. This is a time when the opportunities are endless for spiritual evolution and emotional growth, soul growth.  It is the power of the Golden Genesis, manifest in the primordial phase of a new creation, a new way of being.


You now have the opportunity as individuals to be in the eye of the storm and through this realignment of the skills of the new rhythm you will find you are more effective in your spiritual service to relieve suffering.  Because once you master the rhythm and the way of being that is harmonious to universal life force energy, the evidence of divine synchronicity in your life will support your choices.’



Praktische informatie:


Kosten van deelname aan workshop: € 55,- over te maken op IBAN NL64 INGB 0002002015 t.n.v. H. van Erkelens, Haarlem. (BIC: INGBNL2A)

Plaats: Soefi-huis, Burgwal 38 zw – 40, 2011 BE Haarlem. Tijd: 9 september , 10.30 – 16.00 uur.

Gaarne zelf lunch meenemen. Voor fruit en drinken wordt gezorgd. Informatie en aanmelden via herbertvanerkelens (at) gmail.com of 023 – 5331088






Route: met openbaar vervoer; vanaf station Haarlem loopt men richting het Centrum via de Jansweg. Deze gaat na de brug over de Nieuwe Gracht over in de Jansstraat. Eerste straatje links en vrij snel weer naar rechts. Dan is men op de Bakenessergracht. Helemaal uitlopen totdat men bij het Spaarne aankomt. Hier de Gravestenenbrug over en rechtdoor lopen. Daarna de eerste straat links (Spaarnwouderstraat). Doorlopen tot aan de hoek en hierna rechts. Dan is men op de Burgwal en aan die kant vindt men de nummers 38 – 40.


We raden af met de auto naar de Burgwal te komen, want er is weinig parkeergelegenheid. Voor wie toch met de auto moet komen: de dichtst bijgelegen parkeergarage is de Kamp in de de Witstraat. Graag zelf even de looproute opzoeken via een betrouwbare routeplanner.